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Why Virtual Psychotherapy ?


Psychotherapy on line, distance psychotherapy through internet, CIBER therapy, virtual therapy, are different ways to refer to therapeutic situations, where consultant and psychotherapist are not in the same physical place.

Why a discipline like the psychotherapy that has to do with human beings and his/her sufferings cannot use and take advantage of the amazing possibilities that modern means of communication are offering to us?

Few years ago we could not even imagine how advanced was the communication at the point it is known today. Cellphones, hyper communicated world, thanks to the net. Each time more people make relationships through internet, they know each other, make friends and become partners as well.

Thanks to different studies and investigations, including Barcelona University, interesting information is known, information about bonds that were born through this mean (virtually) in comparison to those ones that were born in a traditional way (in presence).
It is accepted and recognized in the grade or level of emotions, between the traditional bonds (in presence) regard to those ones that work through internet.

Many years ago that therapy online or virtual therapy is successfully developed in different countries.
Even more it is the preferred modality in certain situation, for example when a consultant has difficulties such as moving, or restrictions like suffering of some phobias.

According to the consultant preferences it is possible to choose among different styles of communication like mails, chat or skype modality (or other similar program) for the psychotherapy on line or the virtual one.
Each one has specific characteristics, making them more suitable to the different cases and situations, according to the different consultant problems.

The arrival of the technology and its inclusion in our life style, pushes us to bring up to date the old schemes, such as the necessity to keep the antique frames models for the therapeutic situations among others.
It is important to know that for the therapy on line or the virtual one we keep the premises of the strictest loyalty, and the highest professional ethic, and are regulated through international institutions.

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